Find Utility Covers or Striping with the Road Utility Locator (Road I.D. Locator)

Photo of Utility Locator

Advantages of the Utility Locator

  • Save Time and Money
  • Avoid Guessing and Over Drilling
  • Avoid Damage to Caps
  • Prevent Costly Mistakes

The Road Utility Locator ends time-consuming Painting and Measuring. Prevents inaccurate post-paving search methods. The Road Utility Locator replaces costly surveying and marking. Protects against expensive damage to cover caps. The Road Utility Locator comes in the size of 3.5″ sq x 4.25 height

Installation and Use

Drawing of Utility Locator being placed by hand.

PLACE IN POSITION: Developed from new technology the Road I.D. Locator is easy to use: just peel off the adhesive protective strip and stick the Road I.D. Locator on to any metal cover or pavement striping prior to paving.

Drawing of Utility Locator being paved over.

PAVING: This proven effective Road I.D. Locator will withstand truck tires, paving machine tracts, and hot asphalt to pop-up after paving, leaving a safe, soft flexible marker indicating the exact location of cover or striping.

Drawing of Utility Locator popping up through asphalt.

RECOVERY: When paving is completed, street crews can conveniently return – days, weeks or months later, to locate and retrieve paved-over covers, caps or striping. With the Road I.D. Locator in place, this operation is accomplished quickly, accurately and safely without time-consuming searching and surveying.