Rubber Adjusting Ring

Our Revolutionary Rubber Adjusting Ring

Rubber Adjusting Ring Illustration Showing Proper Installation

Advantages of the Rubber Adjusting Ring

  • Protects the Substructure
  • Eliminates Noise
  • Eliminates Vibration
  • Watertight
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • 20 Year Warranty

All Rubber Adjusting Rings are also available in one day service.

Photo of a Rubber Adjusting Ring

Rubber Adjusting Ring Benefits

Diagram showing erosion and infiltration that can be prevented by using a rubber adjusting ring.

The recycled Rubber Adjusting Ring is an ideal choice for many reasons.

Rubber Adjusting Rings are ecological, being constructed of recycled tires. This rubber material also creates a watertight seal. Rubber Adjusting Rings are resistant to frost, abrasives, and calcium, which reduces repair costs. Rubber Adjusting Rings are available in a variety of thicknesses for a perfect fit, and properly installed, will solve slope or road inclination paving problems.

The Rubber Adjusting Rings, just like the plastic adjusting rings, are impervious to corrosive effects due to hydrogen sulfide gases and moisture common in sanitary sewers. Additionally, both, the rubber and the plastic adjusting rings are lightweight and easy to install. Rubber Adjusting Rings and the plastic adjusting rings are readily inspectable which decreases the cost of maintenance. However, the Rubber Adjusting Ring, unlike plastic adjusting ring, provides no voids where moisture can gather, freeze, expand and eventually break the ring.

The Advantages Are Clear

Photos showing a worker installing a rubber adjusting ring.

Our Manhole Adjusting Ring is installed under the utility casting on new construction or rehab of existing utilities. It replaces pre-cast concrete donuts or brick and mortar material. The Manhole Adjusting Ring is light weight and will not break. Freeze-thaw cycles do not affect it, thus providing a water tight seal that will last many years. Because the Manhole Adjusting Ring is made of solid rubber, it performs like a weight bearing pad on a bridge, eliminating vibration from traffic which deteriorates the cement substructure of the utility. Tapered sizes allow perfect adjustment to the roads crown or slope.