The Most Powerful Expanding Manhole Riser On The Market, Featuring Our Patented Pivoted Turnbuckle.

Pivoted Turnbuckle Manhole Riser
Superior Holding Power Video Clip
Truck Tire on Riser
Alternate Angle of Truck Tire on Riser

Important Features

Quick and powerful expanding pivoted turnbuckle
for positive gripping power.

Riser Heights start at 3/4” and go up in 1/4” increments.

The Manhole Riser Rings come completely assembled and only take about 5 minutes to install.

Our Manhole Riser Rings come in a one piece assembly – that means no loose parts to lose.

The Manhole Riser Rings provide a flat surface for seating manhole covers.

The Manhole Riser Rings will not break from uneven seats or installation forces.

As shown on this page, our riser is remarkably durable and has tremendous staying power.

All of our Expandable Manhole Risers will accommodate a plus or minus 1/2 inch diameter change, which provides an entire one inch diametric Manhole Riser variance

Installation of our Manhole Riser is a Snap.

Our Expandable Manhole Riser, often referred to as Manhole Cover Lifters, Extension Rings, Paving Risers, Repaving Rings, Adjusting Rings or Riser Rings, have an unsurpassed reliability, track record, and performance. The Manhole Cover Lifters are extremely durable, easy to install and provide a perfect fit in any situation.

Removing Manhole Lid

1. Remove the Manhole Cover/Lid.

Remove debris and buildup

2. Remove all buildup and debris on surfaces the Manhole Riser touches.

Expand linkage until the Manhole Riser is tight

3. Expand linkage until the Manhole Riser is tight. That’s all there is to it.

What’s so Great about a Pivoted Turnbuckle?

Manhole Riser Turnbuckle

Our Manhole Adjusting Riser Rings feature a turnbuckle linkage pivoted at each end to provide the ultimate means to expand a manhole riser.

This construction allows efficient application of a screw. A 60 lb. force applied 7” from the center of the pivoted turnbuckle exerts a 5,600 lb. tangential force in the Manhole Adjusting Riser Rings that will be bent to fit the out of round, worn manhole opening.

Thus, the Manhole Adjusting Ring is forced out against the casting along the full circumference with this efficient pivoted turnbuckle mechanism. Thus, the installation resembles a pressed-in bearing. A very reliable, inexpensive means to bring manholes up to a new grade. All thanks to our Manhole Adjusting Riser Rings!

Below are more photos of our unbeatable manhole riser during the final stages of installation and paving. Our Expandable Manhole Riser, that features a pivoted turnbuckle, has a one inch diametric variance. Finally, we offer one day service for our Manhole Riser!

Riser on Sewer
Riser on Baltimore Sewer
Riser on Seattle Sewer

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