Manhole Riser

Tilt the Utility Lid to Match the Crown of the Road with Our Inclined Manhole Riser.

Inclined Manhole Riser Rendering
Inclined Riser Top View
Inclined Riser Side View

Our Inclined Manhole Adjusting Riser Rings feature a turnbuckle linkage pivoted at each end to provide the ultimate means to expand a manhole riser. This construction allows efficient application of a screw. A 60 lb. force applied 7’’ from the center of the pivoted turnbuckle exerts a 5,600 lb. tangential force in the Manhole Adjusting Riser Rings that will be bent to fit the out of round, worn manhole opening.

  • Allows you to TILT the utility lid to match the crown of the road
  • Riser heights start at 1-1/2” and increase in 1/4” increments
  • Unique “Pivoted Turnbuckle” design makes installation reliable and quick
  • Reduce utility adjustment cost
  • Eliminate liability of digging up manhole and traffic control
  • Eliminate debris falling into collection system causing a back up
  • Eliminate a patch around the utility producing a nicer looking road that also drives better
  • Environmental friendly by eliminating 500 to 1,000 lbs of material (possibly contaminated) removed around each utility and hauling in new material
  • No dishing, radial cracking or deterioration of asphalt around the utility
  • Coordination between paving crew and utility adjusting crews are eliminated
  • Paved over and lost utilities are eliminated
  • A reliable company manufacturing the highest quality products since 1978
  • Adjustable via our unbeatable pivoted turnbuckle