Catch Basin Risers Designed to Your Specifications.

Catch Basin Riser Type 1
Catch Basin Riser Type 1

Product Advantages

  • Fabricated to your specifications
  • Made in America with American Steel
  • Reduce utility adjustment time
  • Reduce utility adjustment liability
  • Eliminate traffic control!
  • Coordination between paving crew and utility adjusting crews are eliminated
  • The road looks and drives better

American Highway Products Ltd. Catch Basin Risers and Monument Box Risers are used to reduce cost and stream line the adjusting of utilities to the new grade when paving a road. The Catch Basin Risers and Monument Box Risers start at 3/4″ rise and go up in 1/4″ increments. This method saves time and money to adjust the utilities to grade. Utilizing a Catch Basin Riser from American Highway Products Ltd. will enable you to save over 75% adjusting utilities. In addition, both the Catch Basin Riser and the Monument Box Riser can be delivered in all available sizes, heights and grate thicknesses.

Why leave your Catch Basin grates low, creating a pot hole when you can bring them up to grade quickly, efficiently and reliably using our Catch Basin Risers designed to your specific job specifications?

Use our Catch Basin Risers on paving jobs to eliminate dangerous drop off to grate, protecting Motorists and Bicycle traffic.

Catch Basin / Inlet Risers in Action

Unpaved Riser
Paved Riser
Risers Are Great On Freeways
Riser Installed Near Freeway Divider
Risers Control Road Flooding
Risers are a Perfect Fit
Used on Freeways Across America
Made From Durable Steel

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